Kensal Rise Library wants users to get the maximum benefit from using our services and seeks to provide an enjoyable and pleasant environment in which to do so: friendly, safe, secure and relaxed.

General conditions of membership

  1. Library membership entitles you to use all library services provided by Kensal Rise Library. When you have joined as a member, you will be given a library membership card for your own personal use.

  1. Library members are required to present their library membership card when they borrow items and use library computers.

  1. Use of the library card is strictly non-transferable.

  1. As a library member you are responsible for all items borrowed on your library card, including any lost/damaged items which may need to be paid for, and for the payment of any late fees or charges accrued on your library account.

  1. Treat all library materials with due respect and care. You must not write, highlight or underline in books and you must not mutilate items.

  1. Return all borrowed items to enable fair usage by all users.

  1. If your card is lost the library must be notified.

  1. You are responsible for informing us of any changes to your personal details, for example change of address.

  1. You reserve the right to terminate your membership at any time.

  1. Should you wish to cancel your library membership, you must return all items you have borrowed and return your membership card for cancellation. If there are any outstanding charges on your library account you will be expected to pay them.

  1. It is a condition of library membership that you agree to use reasonable endeavours to comply with our policies, in particular our equality and diversity policy, and our code of conduct, as amended from time to time.

  1. Kensal Rise Library reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions from time to time.

Withdrawal of Library Membership/right to use the library

  1. Kensal Rise Library reserves the right to withdraw library membership and/or the right to use the library in response to breaches of the library Terms and Conditions and/or Code of Conduct.

Safety & Security

To ensure the security of you and your belongings, you agree to:

  1. Keep valuables with you at all times.

  1. Acknowledge that unattended items will be considered a security risk and may be removed.

  1. Be vigilant and report anybody acting suspiciously.

  1. Ensure that you pack up your belongings and leave the library at or before closing time.

  1. On hearing the fire alarm, or in the event of an emergency, follow any instructions given to you by staff or volunteers.

  1. Supervise any children in your charge and ensure that they follow our Code of Conduct.

Terms of use for library computers and the internet

  1. Using the library computers or logging your own device onto the library Wifi indicates your acceptance of the terms of use set out in this section. You agree to these terms of use when you start your computer session.

  1. To use our public computers you must be a member of the library and always have your library card with you. Library members’ Internet access is not transferable to any other person.

  1. If you are using your own device you will need a wireless enabled device with internet browser. Staff are not able to set this up for you.

  1. Your own device should only be plugged into a library power socket with the permission of a member of library staff. You should ensure that the power lead does not present a safety hazard to anyone. Kensal Rise Library takes no responsibility for any loss or damage which may occur whilst a device is connected to the library power supply.

  1. The public Wifi network is called LIBRARYGUEST. Please ask at the reception desk for the password if you are using your own device. You will be asked to show your library membership card, photo ID or proof of address.

  1. If you are under 16 years old you will receive a consent form for internet use, for your parent or guardian to sign.

  1. Children under eight years old may not use library computers unless they are accompanied by their parent or guardian.

  1. It is the parent or carer’s responsibility to monitor and manage use of the internet and library computers by children in their care. If you are concerned about the content your child may access using a library computer we request that parents/carers accompany children on their library visit.

  1. If you are using your own device, you are solely responsible for its security and should ensure that appropriate security software e.g. anti-virus is installed on it. You are advised that internet access via the library is not secure and that it should not be used to transfer financial and other personal or confidential information. Kensal Rise Library takes no responsibility for any loss or damage arising whilst your device is accessing the library WiFi or is on library premises.

  1. You must not knowingly or recklessly violate the security of the library network, introduce or transmit a virus or contravene licensing agreements or copyright law. Kensal Rise Library is not licensed for the viewing of live television transmissions.

  1. WiFi access in Kensal Rise Library is filtered to prevent access to some kinds of materials which may be considered inappropriate in a public environment. However, no guarantee is or can be given that all inappropriate material will be blocked. You must not use the library Wifi connection to obtain, display or distribute material which could reasonably be considered obscene, offensive or abusive, or knowingly or recklessly use the library WiFi connection for any illegal purpose.

  1. If you wish to have a blocked site unblocked, or vice versa, please contact the Library Manager by email at or in the library. We will give reasonable consideration to all such requests.

  1. Internet access is filtered; and all access is recorded and logged. The specific content of any transactions will not be monitored unless there is a suspicion of improper use.

  1. Illegal or unlawful violations of our Terms & Conditions may be referred for legal action or to the police.

  1. Kensal Rise Library reserves the right to terminate your Wifi session at any time on grounds of inappropriate use or behaviour and to refuse WiFi access indefinitely thereafter.

Data Protection and the retention of personal data

  1. Kensal Rise Library respects your right to privacy and is committed to protecting it in accordance with the Data Protection Legislation.

  1. Our Privacy Policy, which is available on our website,  explains how we use any personal information we collect about you when you use our services.

  1. We will not keep your information any longer than necessary or as required by law.


  1. “Kensal Rise Library” and “the library” includes the Friends of Kensal Rise Library Ltd, registered company number 7566546 charity number 1141606.


This code of conduct is a general statement covering the expected behaviour of users of Kensal Rise Library. It covers members and non-members of the library. You should also make yourselves familiar with and abide by the terms and conditions covering the use of computers, including personal computers, in the library.


  1. Treat Library staff, volunteers and other users with respect and courtesy. 

  1. Refrain from shouting, using abusive, discriminatory, indecent or offensive language, comments and/or behaviour, verbal or physical harassment.

  1. Library staff/volunteers will not tolerate any form of abusive behaviour. Contact a member of staff or a volunteer if you wish to complain about another user's conduct.

  1. All library users and members are required to comply with our Equality and Diversity Policy.

Computer use

  1. Please be considerate of other users. If you are watching or listening to something with audio content, use headphones.

  1. Library computers are not provided for the watching of television for entertainment purposes or for video gaming.

Eating and drinking

  1. No food is to be consumed within the library.

  1. Drinking is limited to bottles with tops and cups with lids and must not be consumed near the computers.

  1. All other drinks and all food must not be taken out of bags. 


  1. Clear your study space when you leave and put all rubbish in bins in order to maintain a clean environment.

  1. Return books and all other items used in the Library to the correct place.

Mobile Phones

  1. Mobile phones must be set to silent mode before entering the Library.

  1. You are not permitted to recharge your mobile phone within the Library.


  1. Personal music may be listened to at low volume (through headphones) and must not be audible to others. Music may not be played through speakers.


  1. Avoid all unnecessary noise and disturbance in the library. Do not play audio on computers or mobile telephones unless you are using headphones. Audio content must not be audible to others.

Opening Hours

  1. Please be aware of the opening hours of the library; you have no right of access outside of the advertised opening hours.

  1. Please stop using the facilities and leave promptly when asked to do so by Library staff or volunteers.


  1. Please leave your pushchair outside the library unless you have a good reason for bringing it in, e.g. your child is asleep in it. We have limited space and pushchairs would be a hazard if we needed to evacuate the library.

  1. Please park pushchairs by the cycle racks, not on the ramp which is for wheelchair access. We can lend you a lock if you need one.

Theft and Vandalism

  1. When you leave the library make sure that all the books or other materials that you are carrying have been properly issued to you.

  1. If you are found in possession of material that has not been issued to you, this will be treated as a serious breach of the code of conduct.

  1. Refrain from misusing or damaging any furniture or equipment.

Withdrawal of Library Membership/right to use the library

  1. Kensal Rise Library and the Friends of Kensal Rise Library reserve the right to withdraw library membership and/or the right to use the library in response to breaches of the library Terms and Conditions and/or Code of Conduct.

Kensal Rise Library is registered as a UK Company no. 7566546 and Charity no. 1141606