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“Freelance Consulting gives me time and flexibility to get involved…”

Name: Tu Linh Ngo

Age: 45

Occupation: Brand & Marketing Consultant

Resident since: 2004

Volunteers as: Shift worker in the library, IT Committee Member

How did you get involved in the Library?

Living close by, I used to borrow books regularly. When it closed, I signed petitions, put up posters, etc. and, when the time came for reopening, put my name down for volunteer training.

What happened next?

After completing a training session, I got approved and did a shift quite quickly. Because I’m freelance I can’t necessarily do a set shift each week, but it was easy to find shifts that suited my timetable.

What does shift work involve?

For me, it involves manning the the desk, dealing with enquiries, processing memberships, data housekeeping and checking the membership process. Shifts are typically four hours long; you end up working alongside a mixed group of people, from retirees to young students. What links everyone is their passion for library.

How did you join the IT Committee?

On shift I soon discovered ways that the Membership process could be improved, and so got asked to join the Operations Committee. From there I transitioned into focusing on IT and I’ve been involved in setting up a new library management system.

Did you bring some transferable skills from your day job?

My job is customer-facing; it’s about building relationships, interacting with clients and team work – all very useful in the library! Because of concentrating on IT I haven’t had the opportunity to use much of my marketing background as yet, but would be happy to when the time comes.

What hopes do you have for the future of the library?

Loads! This period of lockdown has taught us that things can change very quickly; a library doesn’t have to be just about books and computers; my dream is that Kensal Rise Library could be the hub at the heart of a community where residents could train, up-skill, get mentoring and apprenticeships.

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